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We, the owners of Rožmalas, are farmers at heart and want to show our visitors how agriculture has developed over the centuries, from ancient times up to modern day technology. We have created a wonderful exhibition in the Ribbes windmill – ‘The Path of the Grain’. We appreciate the heritage our ancestors left us – the Ribbes windmill– which is not just ours but a part of the community and a source of pride for the region, helping to revive the landscape of the Bauska region.

The design of the windmill with its equipment and details have been developed and tested over centuries.  This complex building is a monument to our ancestors heritage and work ethic.

Exhibitionn and tour

Create your own Latvian style piragi and immerse yourself in a timeless atmosphere on a tour of the windmill. Go back 146 years to a time when millers relied on wind to grind wheat into flour.

‘The Path of the Grain’ exhibiton can be viewed inside the Ribbes windmill and has been created by the owners to show the developments and processes of agriculture from the treatment of the land to the harvesting and processing of the crops.

Rožmalas is a spacious leisure centre in the heart of Zemgale. We offer areas forevents, seminars and meals, as well as accommodation for staying overnight, an exciting tour of the Ribbes windmill (anno 1867), a sauna with the Spa package and sport fields for active activities. 

Wood, linen and rock is used often in our interior, fire and water relax you in the spa area and the flat plains of Zemgale are a great backdrop for any event you wish to host. We care about the realisation of your ideas and wishes! 

Nameju iela 2, Ceraukste, Bauskas nov., LV-3901
+371 26 564 580
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Darbo laikas

Ресторан открыт:
Понедельник - Четверг работаем по предварительной резервации.
​Пятница с 12.00 до 21.00​
В субботу с утра. 9:00 до 21:00
В воскресенье с утра. 9:00 до 17:00

Услуги гостиници:
Пятница, Суботта 24:00/h

В рабочие дни работаем по индивидуальным резервациям.

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