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The official visitor site of Bauska, Iecava, Rundale, Vecumnieki

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How to get to Bauska?

Bauska is about an hour's drive from Riga (67km). Bauska can be reached also by public bus from Riga that runs at least twice an hour, from Riga International Bus Terminal (platform no.6). The price for the trip is 3.15 euro.


If you go to Bauska by car or motorcycle from:

Riga to Bauska (motorway A7, E 67), the distance 67 km, travel time ~ 1 hour.

Dobele via Eleja to Bauska (motorway P103) distance 74 km, travel time ~ 1 hour.

Jelgava via Iecava to Bauska (motorway, A7,P 93), distance 55 km, travel time ~ 50 min.

Jelgava via Eleja to Bauska (motorway E77, P103), distance 62 km, travel time ~ 56 min.

Vilnius to Bauska (highway E 272, E 67 (A10, A2)), distance 226 km, travel time ~ 2 hours 35 min.

Kaunas to Bauska (E67 motorway (A8, A10)), distance 197 km, travel time ~ 2 hours 30 min.

Panevezys to Bauska (motorway E67, A10), the distance of 85 km, travel time ~ 1 hour 10 min.

Siauliai via Eleja to Bauska (motorway E77, P103) distance 94 km, travel time ~ 1 hour 15 min.


If you go to Bauska by public bus from:

Riga to Bauska, travel time 1 hour 15 min., price for a trip 3.05 euro, bus list

Jelgava to Bauska, travel time 1 hour 40 min., price for a trip ~3.00 euro,   bus list

Dobele via Tērvete to Bauska, price for a trip 3.15 euro, travel time 1 hour 45min., bus list

Jēkabpils via Jaunjelgava to Bauska, price for a trip 5.55 euro, travel time 3 hours, bus list


Bauska Bus Station – Slimnīcas iela 11, Bauska, LV-3901, T. +371 63929717,63922477,


If you are coming with the International bus from abroad

From Lithuania (Kaunas) - Bauska (bus stop “Rātslaukums”), travel time 3-3.5 hours, bus list


How to get to tourism objects in Bauska and surroundings?

It’s more convenient to reach main tourism attractions by car.  Rundāle Palace and some other objects can be reached by public transport from Bauska Bus Station. If you have any questions about public transport, please contact Tourist Information Centre.

Bus from Bauska to Rundāle Palace (bus stop “Rundāles pils”) price for a trip 0.90 euro, bus list

Bus form Bauska to Mežotne Palace (bus stop “Mežotne”) price for a trip 0.70 euro, bus list

There is some tourism sites that can be reached by the public transport right away from the Riga International Bus Terminal, for example:

Mini zoo "Dobuli" - (bus stop “Dzimtmisa”, ~3km from the bus stop you have to walk), bus list

“Rabbit Town” (bus stop “Code”), bus list

Skaistkalne Church and town - bus list

Vecumnieki - bus list

Iecava – bus list

All main sights in Bauska is reachable by foot, but you can also take a taxi. Rundāle and Mežotne palaces, as well as other objects of your choice can be reached with a taxi. The price for a trip within Bauska is about 3.00 euro, to Rundāle or Mežotne Palace about 7.00 euro.

Other opportunity to reach tourism objects is to rent a car or a bicycle.  Car rental contacts.  Bicycle rental contacts.

Parking in Bauska.  All parking places in Bauska city as well as next to the tourism objects are free. Car parking scheme in Bauska.

Road reconstructions. Latvian road reconstruction and traffic restriction map.