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"Lodēni" is a recreation place by the river Mēmele, 10 km from Bauska, where you can get relax by the sauna and enjoy a hot tub with hydromassage under the skies. "Lodeni" sauna is suited for two people. The price includes a bathing broom, towels, bathrobes, slippers, bath caps. Also in the sauna there is a mini fridge, dishes, glasses, cutlery, microwave, hair dryer, satellite TV, non-stick grill for BBQ, cast iron pot for outdoor cooking. Facilities - dry toilet outside the sauna (illuminated, equipped with infrared heater).


New! SUP boards for rent. Available 4 pcs + safety vests. SUP boards are inflatable and the weight restriction is up to 120 kg. You can rent SUP boards for a day, take them with you on your route. We offer a ~ 3.5 h long route along the Mēmele River from the Jaunsaule bridge to our "Lodēni" sauna. The indicated price include instruction, delivery to the starting point.


"Lodēni", Ceraukstes pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3908
+371 29936504
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Accommodation 50 - 130 euros
SUP board rent 5 - 20 euros