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Vīnkalna ceplis

Gintas Zaumane's creative workshop, it is possible to make and buy items made in various handicraft techniques here. Offers creative masterclasses - ceramic objects making, creating textile applications for clothes, embroidery of pearl jewelry and accessories, creating crowns, work with textiles and natural materials.. Masterclasses are offered to small groups (4-8 people) for both families and friend groups.

"Vīnkalns ceplis" opening celebration runs every year.

Stīgu iela 6a, Iecava, Iecavas pag., Bauskas nov.
+371 29175271
Guide speaks Russian 


Must be booked in advance!


"Vīnkalns ceplis" opening celebration - free of charge.
Prices for creative workshops are adjusted individually, depending on the type and the chosen creative activity.