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The Padegas homestead is a family farm that processes its own produce in an effort to preserve its natural composition, without the use of any dyes or artificial additives, and uses organic farming methods. Sea buckthorn, rhubarb, blackcurrant, strawberry, raspberry, various types of vegetables and herbs are grown on three hectares - that are healthy, valuable, tasty and without which the Latvian garden is not a “real garden” at all. The second activity of the farm is poultry farming, it is the sector with which the farm started its existance.


From the products grown on the farm, various types of juices, syrups, jams, sauces, pastilles, jelly candies, marshmallows, etc. are produced. During the season, the farm offers to buy fresh vegetables and go and pick sea buckthorn berries yourself.


The farm offers to see typical poultry and domestic animals, relax on the bank of the river Īslīce, get acquainted with the products grown on the farm, get involved in field work, buy and taste processed products, participate in master classes.


Offers for tourist groups:

Excursions around the farm with tasting

Master class in making marshmallows and pastilles

Resting at the Īslīce river

Purchase of products

"Padegas", Viesturu pag., Bauskas nov.
+371 26164473
+371 26107974


Must be booked in advance!


• Excursion with tasting:
o Up to 10 people 5.00 Euro per person
o From 10 to 20 people 4.00 Euro per person
o Over 20 - 3.00 Euro per person
• Masterclass in making marshmallows and pastilles 30.00 Euro per person (up to 12 years – attends for free).
• Excursion with seasonal tea making on the campfire with a compliment - 8.00 Euro per person.