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Mežotne Hillfort

Mezotne Hillfort is situated on the left bank of the Lielupe River opposite the Mezotne Palace. One of the largest fortifications of the 9th - 13th century Semigallians, covering an area of 3,500 m2, with a height exceeding 16 m. Over an area of 13 ha the ancient town was situated in the territory between Mezotne Hillfort and the Wine Hill – Hillfort. Next to the Hillfort – Mezote Church (not restored!)  and the family cemetery of the owners of Mezotne Palace – princes von Lieven. Traditionally on the third Saturday of May Mezotne Hillfort Festivity is held here. 


"The Bright Ant's Trail" has been set up in Mezotne Hillfort since 2017 and it offers various activities. Here you can find out about the unique nature inhabitants of the castle mound - the bright ant, hermit beetle, grass-snake, woodpecker, stork and the bat.


1. Mežotne Church - Information about project RUNRARO

2. Information board next to defence wall - The story about ancient Semigallian greatness

3. Northern entrance - The story about Mežotne Hillfort

4. Defence Wall - The events of 1220 in Mežotne Hillfort 

5. Sightseeing platform - Archaeological excavations in Mežotne Hillfort

6. Ancient town square - Life in Mežotne ancient town

7. Information board next to Semigallian port - Semigallian port

8. Information board - Clothing and ornaments of ancient Semigallians

9. Resting bench on Vīna kalns wooden trail - Story about Madis and Zīle

10. Wooden stairs to Vīna kalns Hillfort 

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