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Jumpravmuiža park

Jumpravmuiža Park in Mežotne Parish, Bauska District, is one of the most beautiful and romantic manor parks in Latvia. It is located on the rocky bank of the Lielupe with an uncharacteristic relief of Zemgale - dolomite rock outcrops, ravines, spring streams and even a small waterfall. The creation of the park was started at the end of the 18th century, based aesthetics of romanticism on the 18th century.


Outstanding architectural elements of the park are still preserved in the park. The romantic artificial castle ruins on the rocky bank of the Lielupe are the only ones in Latvia, built in the end of the 18th century. In the ravine of the park by the stream there is a former chapel, which also served as a romantic solitary house, but deeper in the park there is a hill with the cemetery of the manor owner Lidinghausen-Wolf family, which was once decorated with a stone carved sarcophagus. Chapel - a house of prayer in Jumpravmuiža park built in the end of the 19th century as an architectural element of a romantic landscape park. Such examples of park architecture have not survived elsewhere in Latvia. According to the aesthetics of romanticism, it was built as a place for contemplative reflection, as opposed to the dramatic mood created by the artificial castle ruins on the rocky bank of the Lielupe.


Today, the park is a place where people of all ages can gain energy and wisdom from nature, observing its peace and harmonious balance. In addition to many wild residents, the park is a home to a variety of pets that help to take care of the park in a natural way - horses, sheeps, goats, dogs, cats. For some, especially children, it may be interesting to know what it takes to make these animals feel good and provide benefits to humans. The positive effects of contact with animals and plants on human health have been scientifically studied, such as dendrotherapy and animal-assisted therapy. In Jumpravmuiža Park, everyone will be able to find something that will allow them to forget about everyday worries for a while and enjoy the fresh air, peace and quiet, because the time here stops ...


The visit should be booked in advance!

Entrance to the park - 1 eur / h

Guide services - available on request, for a separate fee

Tea break in the park overlooking the square for one person - 5 eur / h

Health-promoting horseback riding with a tea break - 30 eur / h



Jumprava, Mežotnes pag., Bauskas nov.
+371 25415570
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