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Iecava park and manor complex

The complex of Iecava Manor still has the library block built in 1908, late 18th century granary and weather-vane on the rooftop, late 19th century stables (now – guest house “Darta”) and the maisonettes of guards at the carriage drives (in the park of Iecava, Upes street and Rigas street). Freedom Monument of Iecava was set up in Iecava Manor Landscape Park in 1936 by sculptor P.Banders. There is an open-air stage in the park. 

Iecava, Iecavas pag., Bauskas nov.
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Pārupes iela 3-4, Iecava, Iecavas pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3913



Dievdarzins is an archaeological site on the banks of the Iecava River, opening a picturesque view over the river and the Lutheran church.

The walking trail from Dievdārziņa along the Iecava river has been restored!

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Grāfa laukums 3, Iecava, Iecavas pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3913
+371 29422880


Museum of history and sport of Iecava „Arhīvs”.  The exhibition seen in Iecavas outstanding athlete awards, equipment and forms of written and visual evidence of their achievements. 

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