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Memorial to the Victims of the Holocaust in Likvertenu Forest

A monument made out of dolomite rocks “Human Floors” (sculptor Imants Murovskis) was erected at the place of the murder in 1971. At the base of the monument there is a memorial plaque with an inscription in Latvian "Eternal memory to Soviet citizens who were killed in 1941 by the German fascist invaders and their accomplices, the bourgeois nationalists."


In July 1941, after German troops entered Bauska, Jews were expelled from the city center to the outskirts, where a conditional Jewish ghetto was formed. In early August, Jews were arrested and placed in the building and in the courtyard of the former Trade and Commercial School, which was located on the conditional territory of the ghetto. After that, the deportation of Jews to Likvertinsky forest (Vecsaule parish) was organized, where a detachment of the Latvian SD “Team Araja”, who arrived from Riga, shot about 500-600 Jews in a few hours. About 150-200 Jews from Skaistkalne and other areas of the Bauska region and about 50-70 Jews from Jaunelgava were also brought to Likverten Forest, who were also shot by the “Araja team”.


Latitude: 56.419572 Longitude: 24.299523

Likverteni, Vecsaules pag., Bauskas nov.