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AIRSOFT izklaide

Airsoft is a  team sport and a  military simulation game. It uses replica firearms to shoot small plastic pellets. Airsoft offers great entertainment and has been recognized around the world as a unifying team or group sport. It is also an exciting adventure, marvellous way of recreation and a hobby, too.

An airsoft game is usually based on a scenario, which is then played out by two teams. To make the airsoft sport more interesting players use military camouflage, airsoft guns fitted with various accessories and elements from real-life military tactics are used as well. The player's kit includes an airsoft weapon, uniform, goggles / masks, gloves, scarf / shawl and ammunition for play. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.

Game rules are HERE



Inventory rent 25EUR / pers. (Set)

Prices for groups, bachelor parties, team building events and birthday parties - 250EUR / 10 people group
By agreement, if the number of players exceeds 30 or less than 10


Zālīte, Iecavas nov.
+371 22022053
Poligons DK

Poligons DK

Field 1- Paintball in extreme environment- in the area of previous military base. Field 2 (Dzimtmisa)- bathouse, sports ground.

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Bemberi, Vecumnieku pag., Vecumnieku nov.
+371 22335566
Izklaides risinājumi

Izklaides risinājumi

Paintball in 4 squares, fixtures for for 100 persons

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Gravas, Vecsaules pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3932
+371 26647133
Accomodation possibilities Sauna 


Guest house 6 km from Bauska. Paintball, equipment for 10 persons, sauna, archery.

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