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Equestrian Sports Club "Drostalas" offers: equestrian training from the ground up group, individual, riding area, or tailor custom field trails in winter and summer, Shetland pony-drawn carriage rides, wedding escort and ride horses in various events throughout the Latvian, horse carriage with 2 -seater trailers, tour groups through zirgaudzētаvu. Landscaped picnic area.

"Drostalas", Zorģi, Iecavas pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3913
+371 26657942


Book in advance!


8 classes per month subscription 70 EUR
Riding one for 20 EUR / hour
Pony cart - € 35 / hour
Wedding Escort (offer three themes - "Parades in black and white" cowboy style and Folk) 100EUR + transport costs
Excursion "Drostalās" with horseback riding for groups - 3 EUR per person.