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Dārte horses

Horseback riding in the paddock and in the vicinity. Horse escorts, photo session with horses. Must be booked in advance !!

Muižzemnieki – 1, Iecava, Iecavas pag., Bauskas nov.
+371 25998433


Apply in advance!


All payments are made in the form of donations.
Trailer trip € 100 per h + separate road if required;
Activities for the wedding: a horse prepared for a photo session 80 €, a carriage accompanied by escort horses starting from 300 € and higher.
Back ride 25 € / h, 30 min. € 15 per horse;
In winter, a sleigh ride 50 € / h;
Skiing behind the horse 30 € / h, 30min.20 €.
We do not provide ski or snowboard equipment.

Excursion to the farm against donations at your own discretion.