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Programs in Bauska Castle


Museum educational programme "Court culture: end of the 16th century till first half of the 17th century"

- Dressing culture in Duchy of Courland with demonstrating of costumes

- Entertainments in 16th -17th centuries - plays and table games

- Courtly dance and music

- Total programme including table manners, tableware

Pilskalns, Bauska, Bauskas nov., LV-3901
+371 63923793
+371 20011880
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Thematic tour "Dance lesson at Court" (with teaching Renaissance dances) - 50,- (ENG, RU)(+15,00 Using of historical costume for museum tour guide)
Thematic tour "Dressing culture in Duchy of Courland" (with demonstrating of Renaissance costume) - 35,- (ENG, RU) (+15,00 Using of historical costume for museum tour