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Kugrēnu wines


"Kugrēnu winery" is located about 75 km from Riga and 11 km from Bauska bus station, about 2 km from the recreation complex "Miķelis", in the center of the former collective farm "Uzvara". You can also get from Bauska to Uzvara by public transport, you need to go to the "Mežāži" stop. There is also a regular bus service from Riga to Bauska.


At the Kugrēni winery, a hospitable winemaker will tell you about wine making and share his experience. It will be possible to see the winery and taste a variety of fine fruit and berry wines, looking for the most pleasant nuances of taste and aroma. In addition to wine, they offer cheeses and biscuits from local producers. For tasting they offer 6 types of wines, for children and drivers - juice. It is possible to order a portion of Belgian waffles with ice cream and berries, as well as coffee or tea at the tasting.

Offers for tourist groups and groups

Tour of the production
6 types of wine tasting and snacks (2 - 40 people)
Portion of Belgian waffles with ice cream and berries
Purchase of products

Liepu iela 16, Uzvara, Gailīšu pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3931`
+371 29495776
Guide speaks Russian 


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Wine tasting - 6.00 euro per person. Kids go free. Price for cheese tasting - 3.00 euro per person and for sweets tasting of a signature cakes like sweet brunette and sweet blond 2.00 euro per person.