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The official visitor site of Bauska, Iecava, Rundale, Vecumnieki

Velo routes

Rich Zemgale

This route is rich in sightseeing objects, it allows familiarizing Zemgale and its residents. The road is winding along Mēmele from Bauska to Skaistkalne, but presence of the river behind the corn fields and meadows can be just sensed. This route is more suitable for two day trips to have some time for closer familiarization with sightseeing objects and conversations with the local people. Skaistkalne is located in borderland therefore tourists here must hold passports or identification cards.

Castles in the vicinity of Bauska

Cycling route connects three castles located in the vicinity of Bauska and heads in the territory of Bauska nature park along River Lielupe. Riding along this route should be performed between May and October, since the pontoon bridge over River Lielupe by Mežotne Castle is winterized; therefore – if you come in early spring or late fall, please, contact with Mežotne Castle to clarify, if the small bridge is available. The route is satiated with sightseeing objects therefore the ride should be planned as a full day trip.

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