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The official visitor site of Bauska, Iecava, Rundale, Vecumnieki

Cycling routes

Rich Zemgale No. 402 (GPX file for download)

Offer: The route is full of sightseeing objects and allows you to get to know Zemgale and its people. From Bauska to Skaistkalne, the road winds along Mēmele, but the presence of the river can only be sensed behind the fields and meadows. There are also eagles (place Ērgļi) in Zemgale, here the route crosses river Mēmele on the pedestrian bridge and continues its way to Skaistkalne. The route is more suitable for a two-day trip, then there is more time to get to know the sights and meet the locals. The alternative route through Brukna is also worth a trip, and at the end of the trip you can enjoy real Zemgale farmers' food at the Vaidelotes farm.






Bauska Castles No. 401 (GPX file for download)

Offer: The cycling route unites three castles around Bauska and runs in the territory of the nature park "Bauska" along the river Lielupe. This should be done from about May to October, because the pontoon bridge over Lielupe near Mežotne Palace for the winter season is being dismantled, so if you want to cycle in early spring or late autumn, contact us to find out if the bridge is installed. The route is saturated with sightseeing objects, therefore it should be planned as a full day trip.






Bauska district route (GPX file for download)

Offer: Route Bauska - Lejenieki - Mūsa Raceland - Bērzkalni - Bauska.






Iecava municipality route (GPX file for download)

Offer: The route starts in the historical centre of Iecava, passing through an English-landscape park - the road continues along the fields of Iecava county, throwing a circle through the city centre, the route ended at the starting point. A one-day trip to get to know the surroundings of Iecava, during which you will be able to see tourist attractions both - in the city of Iecava and outside of it.