Wednesday, 25. November, 2020. Kadrija, Kate, Katrīna, Katrīne, Trīne
The official visitor site of Bauska, Iecava, Rundale, Vecumnieki



Tour of “Bauskas alus“ brewery

Discover Bauska beer brewery from inside- its secrets, process and traditions of making, participate in product tasting. Required to pre-book



International Egg day in Iecava

Different activities for all ages in a partnership with chicken factory “Balticovo”. Place of event to be confirmed

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School of ancient lifestyle at Bauska castle (LV)

Get familiar with the medical plants grown and used during the Renaissance. In Latvian

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Creative workshops at

Bauska Motormuseum

During the half term every day there will be activities and creative workshops. At 13:00 “Jumping ball” and at 15:00 “Wind generator”