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All July 2019

Rose blossom at Rundāle Palace garden


There are around 2,600 varieties of roses (12 000 plants) in Rundale palace rose garden. Currently there are varieties, formed by 72 breeders from 17 countries. Rose garden occupies 1 ha and established itself as the rose museum.

Rundāle Palace

+37163962197; +371 26499151

06.07.2019 at 12:00 and 15:00

Excursion to "Bauskas alus" brewery


At 12.00 and 15.00 During excursion possible to view the brewery and taste  production of “Bauskas alus". Excursion is in Latvian. It is preferable to apply in advance.

“Bauskas alus”, +37125770575


Dance Night Concerto “Blossoming My Soul as the Sun in the Rye Field” in the recreation complex “Rožmalas”

Dance Night Concerto “Blossoming My Soul as the Sun in the Rye Field” in the recreation complex “Rožmalas”

Nameju iela 2, Ceraukste,
+371 26564580


Project 1836 boating along the river Musa


Boating from the Dienvidsusejas to Skaistkalne



Tours for individuals

 in Bauska Town Hall

At 12.00 are guided tours for individual visitors in Bauska Town Hall interior exhibition.   

Bauska Town Hall

+371 63923797



12.-13.07. 2019

International Country Music Festival

An annual 2 days music festival with foreign and Latvian artists' performances of country music style. Line dancing, campsite.

Bauska Culture Center
+371 63923291


International Festival of Early Music

 at Rundāle Palace

Festival offers a musical journey through the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras.

Rundāle Palace


16.07.2019 Lily festivity in Vecumnieki County Traditionall event in Vecumnieku Parish. Competition among florists, exhibition of lilies, culture events, activities. Vecumnieki Folk House +37163976322


"Lost Paradise" Concert in

Bauska Castle Museum

Concert by Ancient Dance Group “Galms” and Ancient Music Ensemble “Trakula” “Lost Paradise”

 Bauskas pils muzejs

63922280, 63923793

20.-21.07. 2019

Early Music Festival "Vivat Curlandia!" in

Bauska Castle

The festival reflects music and art masterpieces from Courland and Semigallia duce's Kettler's time.  Leading Latvian early music masters and guests from abroad will perform.

Bauskas pils muzejs

63922280, 63923793


Fencing Tournament "Ius Gladii - Sword Right" in

Bauska Castle Museum

The Bauska Castle Museum in cooperation with the Fencing Federation of Latvia will host a fencing tournament “Ius gladii” or Sword rights - creating an impression for visitors, both on contemporary fencing sport and on the nature of historical tournaments.

Bauskas pils muzejs

63922280, 63923793


Dance Festival for Senior Dance Groups

International Festival of senior dance groups from Latvia and Lithuania

Bauska Culture Center
+371 63923291


FIM World Cup sidecar
FIME European Quad Championship
Mountainbike Mototrase, Stelpe
More than 50 of the world's best sidecar crews, 80 crews in other sidecar classes, 30 best European athletes in the quadricycle class. About 20 Member States - France, Great Britain, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Netherlands, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia.

Sporta un atpūtas parks Pīlādžu mototrase


Major and Traditional Events in Bauska, Iecava, Rundāle and Vecumnieki Municipalities 2019