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The official visitor site of Bauska, Iecava, Rundale, Vecumnieki


Traditional events and festivals in Bauska and surrounding


All YEAR, once in a month  from March until October, on Saturday

Excursion in "Bauskas alus" brewery at 12.00 p.m and  15.00 p.m.; T.+37125770575


All YEAR, once in a month  from May until September, on Sunday
Excursion to Interior Exposition in Bauska Town Hall  

In the summer season, from May to September, on the first Sunday of each month at  12.00, an exposition of Bauska Town Hall interior is opened to individual visitors. Other times, the exhibition of the interior of the City Hall is only available in groups (from 10 to 25 persons), apply in advance is necessary.; T.+37163923797


All Year

Ancient lifestyle schools and concerts at Bauska Castle,, T.+37163923793

Liepaja Symphony Orchestra concerts at Rundale Palace,, T.+37163962197

Concerts in Mazmezotne Manor, T. 37125772269



16th-25th of February

Bauska Restaurant Patriotic week

Possible visit various cafes around Bauska and celebrate the Lithuanian and Estonian Independence Day, taste their specific national dishes, write a wish to Lithuania and Estonia.; T.+37163923797



15th April

Vimba Festival  on Musa coast 
Fishing enthusiasts race, fish smoking, activities for adults and children will take place during the festival.; T.+37163923797



In the middle of May

Tulip blossom in the park of Rundāle Palace 

Every year ~11 000 of bulb flowers are blooming in Rundale Palace garden: hyacinth, narcissus, 93 varietys of tulips on 94m2 and thousands of early spring flowers.; T.+37163962197; T.+37126499151


12th of May

The Sowing Festival in open-air museum "Ausekļu dzirnavas"

Annual event with demonstration of spring work in farmstead. Craft market, performances, opportunity to participate in different activities.; T.+37129197412


19th of May

Mežotne Hillfort Festival 

Annual festivity in Mežotne Hillfort reflects the life style and traditions of ancient inhabitants of Zemgale. Possible to participate in ancient crafts workshops and taste meal made on the fire. Medieval atmosphere creates history clubs. T.+37126184631, +37126672682;


19th of May

The International Night of Museums

Varied activities in Bauska Castle, Bauska museum, V.Plūdoņa museum, and recreation centre "Miķelis" and “Rožmalas” without entrance fee. Special programmes in museums start from 7 p.m. and are available until 1 a.m.; T.+37163923797


26th of May

Bauska county Festival in Vecsaule parish

Traditional Bauska County festival by fun attractions for children, fairs, amateur and well-known Latvian artist’s concert and traditional ball.; T.+37163923291


27th of May

Baltic Cup Retro Motocross "Sidecar Kings" in Pīlādžu Mototrack

Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Belarusian, Polish athletes participating - at least 50 sidecar crews.; T.+37163976592; T.+37129454683



2nd of June

Rundāle County  Festival

Annual event with procession, concerts, activities, fair and an open-air party at the end.; T. +37126672682


10th of June

Charity concert "Let`s build a Church!" at Brukna Manor

Charity event with wellknown Latvian musicians and artists. All income from the concert is donation for the Brukna Church building.; T.+37125619979


In the middle of June

Blossom of historical roses and peonies in Rundale palace garden

Every year around Midsummer time historic Rose collection start to flower together with hundreds of peonies.; T.+37163962197


15th - 16th of June

Tractorday, Agrovision Latvia 2018

Technical competitions, practical demonstrations, the opportunity to meet representatives of the public sector and agricultural non-governmental organizations, agricultural sector specialists, get acquainted with agricultural education institutions and participate in various activities.

Dāviņu Parish, "Eriņi" farm., T. +371 26128855, +371 28611555


16th - 17th of June

Europian Motocross Championship at „Pīlādži motortrack”

European Championship Eastern Zone stage MX65 and MX85 classes and BMA Eastern Championship Women, Veteran, Senior and Junior classes.; T.+37163976592; T.+37129454683

21st of June

Solstice bonfire in the "Vaidelotes" Farm

Guests will be introduced to the role of traditional solstice, the flower will be crocheted, there will be songs, dancing and fire ritual. It is desirable to come with Ligo wreaths, women-skirts. Useful meadow flowers. You will be able to eat, but you can also take your own snack basket!

 “Vaidelotes” Farm,  T.+371 29389993; +371 63921400,


23rd of June

Midsummer boating in “Lutauši”

Traditional boating down the Mēmele river with different activities in „Lutauši”, concert and an open - air party at the end.; T.+37128354626


29th of June

St. Peter's day (Pēterdiena) in Kurmene

Ceremonious service at St.Peter`s church of Kurmene, concerts, workshops, open-air party. T.+371 65152732


30th of June

The Garden Festival in the Park of Rundale Palace

This year's Garden Festival theme is "The Hunt" to pay attention to Rundale Palace Hunting Park or Mežaparks. Seminar, presentations and entertainment program in the garden.; T.+37163962197



All July

Rose blossom in the Park of Rundale Palace

There are around 2,600 varieties of roses (12 000 plants) in Rundale palace rose garden. Currently there are varieties, formed by 72 breeders from 17 countries. Rose garden occupies 1 ha and established itself as the rose museum.; T.+37163962197


12th - 14th of July

Lily festival in Vecumnieki County

Traditionall event in Vecumnieku Parish. Competition among florists, exhibition of lilies, culture events, activities.; T.+37163976322


13th - 14th of July

International Country Music Festival

An annual two days music festival with foreign and Latvian artists' performances of country style. Line dancing, campsite, fair.; T.+37163923291


14th of July

International Festival of Early Music at Rundāle Palace

Festival offers a musical journey through the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras.; T.+37167205485


14th of July

Festival of  Mēmele – Nemunelis River

Boating down the Mēmele river with neighbours - Lithuanians. Different activities in „Lutauši” and an open - air party at the end.; T.+37128354626


21st - 22nd of July

Early Music Festival "Vivat Curlandia!" in Bauska Castle

The festival reflects music and art masterpieces from Courland and Semigallia duce's Kettler's time.  Leading Latvian early music masters and guests from abroad will perform. T.+37163923291


2st of July

Dance Festival for Senior Dance Groups

International Festival of senior dance groups from Latvia and Lithuania. T.+37163923291


28th - 29th  of July

World Championship in Sidecar class in „Pīlādži" Motortrack

The only sidecars World championship in Latvia in 2018.;  T.+371 63976592; T.+371 29454683



1st - 5th of August

Kanapene Festival in Skaistkalne

A traditional event, which includes the church festival, Kanepenes market, activities for children, concerts. Taking place already for several hundred years!; T.+37163933164


4th - 5th of August

Bauska Festival  “Bauska TasTe”

One of the most interesting  events with concerts, performances, market, activities for all family, for local people and visitors. Local producers offers their unique homemade products.; T.+37163923291


4th of August

Latvian Rallycross Championship on Stage 4 of Musa Raceland.

The fourth stage of the Latvian Rallycross Championship will be held in the legendary Musa Raceland of Bauska, the 'Latvian Oil' Grand Prix; T.+371 29122346, 



5th of August

The Fencing Tournamen "Ius Gladius - sword right" in Bauska Castle

Professional fencer fight with foil and epee for Bauska castle travelling prizes. In breaks the audience entertained by musicians, dancers and magicians.; T.+37163923793;T.+37163922280



8th of September

Harvest Festival in Open Air Museum „Ausekļu dzirnavas”

Annual event with demonstration of autumn work in farmstead. Craft market, performances, opportunity to participate in activities.; T.+37129197412


8th of September

Bauska Old City Courtyard Festivity and The Porridge Festival

Diverse activities in courtyards of Bauska Old City- music, attractions, competitions.  Within the Porridge festival, in several courtyards will be opportunity to taste different porridges, made by local hostesses.; T.+37163923291


22nd of September

Baltic Unity Day

In honor of the "Baltic Unity Day" this year, an event will take place at the new Cultural Center of Rundāle. Extensive Lithuanian and Latvian cultural program.

Lilita Lauskiniece, T. +371 236516711;


29th of September

Miķeļdiena event in the recreation complex "Miķelis"

Various activities and fun activities.

Recreation complex "Miķelis", T.+371 26443496, www.miķ


29th of September

Boating on the Mēmele River  

Boating down the river, autumn trading in “Lutauši”.; T.+37128354626



11th-18th of November

Bauska Restaurant Patriotic week

Week-long event when everyone can visit different cafes around Bauska and celebrate Latvia Independence Day, taste special holiday dishes, write a wish for Latvia.; T.+371 63923797



14th - 15th of December

Bauska Museum event „Oh, Christmas tree!”

Yearly Christmas event for kindergarden and primary school children and for families. Songs, activities, decoration of Christmas tree and diligently gnome workshops.; T.+37163960508; T.+37163960506


16th of December

Winter Solstice Workshop at the V.Plūdonis Museum

Winter Solstice moods creation measure with making of Budel mask etc. ornamental decorations.

V. Pludonis Museum, T.+371 29194975,