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Bauska Brewery

Brewery Bauskas Alus – Beer of Bauska – was founded in 1981. Company has initially operated as a part of interkolkhoz canning factory. Production started with traditional at that time sorts of beer: Marta alus (March Beer), Rigas alus (Beer of Riga) and Sencu alus (Ancestors Beer).

Company started production of nowadays so famous sorts as Bauskas gaisais (Light Beer of Bauska) and Bauskas tumsais (Dark Beer of Bauska) in 1982.

Since the dawn of the Company its brewers were true (and are today) to classic brewing technology, thanks to which Brewery has earned place on store shelves and in hearts of people.

"Imantas", Īslīces pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3901
+371 63960013
+371 25770575
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