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Attraction ground „Labirinti” offers different games and attractions, such as riding velocarts, ride with an "air chair", jumping on a trampoline, and mzny more. Collection of ancient tools and special offer for newlyweds, also, a quiet and nice camping place that is open all year around, suitable for tourists who are travelling through Latvia and the Baltic States. Only 18 km form Bauska.

„Bērziņi”, Zorģi, Iecavas pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3913
+371 26320336
+371 26425247
Campfire place Children Friendly Guide speaks English Guide speaks Russian Offer for newlyweds Paly ground Picnic place Row-boat rental Sports ground Suitable/intrestinf for children between  1-3 years Suitable/intrestinf for children between  12-16 years Suitable/intrestinf for children between 7-12 years Tent sites Trailer parks Интересно для детям в возрасте от 3 до 7 лет 


Open 10.00-20.00
Book in advance!


Tent sites - 5 EUR from one person

Trailer parking available - 15 EUR

An amusement park: 3 EUR / 2 hours

Velocarts - 1.5 EUR / 15 minutes