Reede, 15. November, 2019. Leopolds, Unda, Undīne
Bauska, Iecava, Rundāle ja Vecumnieki piirkonna ametlik turismiportaal


02. – 04.08.2019

Kanapene Festival in Skaistkalne Town

A traditional event, which includes the church festival, Kanepenes market, activities for children, concerts. Taking place already for several hundred years!

Skaistkalne Folk House


03.-04.08. 2019

Bauska Festival

 “Bauska’s Taste”

Concerts, performances, market during the day.

Bauska Culture Center

03.08.2019 at 12.00 and 15.00

Excursion to "Bauskas alus" brewery During excursion possible to view the brewery and taste  production of “Bauskas alus". Excursion is in Latvian. It is preferable to apply in advance.

“Bauskas alus”,



Tours for individuals

 in Bauska Town Hall

.At 12.00 are guided tours for individual visitors in Bauska Town Hall interior exhibition. 

Bauskas rātsnams,




Memorable event for actor Alfreds Amatmanis - Briedītis in “Zvanītāju bukās” Valle

  a traditional event with Latvian National Theater actors. The permanent exposition at the museum introduces the brothers Amtman's families, their lives, and their activities in theater.

Aktieru Amtamaņu muzejs

26608478, 65152894



in Rundale Palace

Concert of Liepaja Symphony Orchestra.Tickets are available in ticket service Biļešu paradīze and on the day of event in palace

Rundāle Palace

+37163962197; +371 26499151



Theater Festival in Stelpe, on open-air stage


On the second Saturday in August, Stelpe hosts an annual theater festival. The theater festival is attended by guest amateur theater collectives and all local theater associations

Stelpes kultūras organizatore


Major and Traditional Events in Bauska, Iecava, Rundāle and Vecumnieki Municipalities 2019