Sestdiena, 27. Februāris, 2021. Andra, Līva, Līvija
The official visitor site of Bauska, Iecava, Rundale, Vecumnieki


!Due to Covid-19, until 19.06.2020. the event plan will be specified, please follow the information!


Harvest Festival in

Open Air Museum „Auseklu dzirnavas”

Annual event with demonstration of autumn work in farmstead. Crafts fair, performances, opportunity to participate in activities

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Tour of “Bauskas alus“ brewery

Discover Bauska beer brewery from inside- its secrets, process and traditions of making, participate in product tasting. Required to pre-book



Concert at

 Mazā Mežotnes castle

 Soloconcert by Aleksandrs Antoņenko


Closure of season at  “Mūsa Raceland”

For the second year the biggest autocross event of the Baltics take place here. More than 200 participants, among those- best representatives of Latvia. Event is family friendly



X Bauska Old City Courtyard Festivity and The  Porridge Festival

Diverse activities in courtyards of Bauska Old City- music, attractions, competitions, crafts fair. Different porridges will be available for tasting in participating courtyards