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The official visitor site of Bauska, Iecava, Rundale, Vecumnieki



at 12:00

Tours for individuals

 in Bauska Town Hall

At 12.00 and 12.30  are guided tours for individual visitors in Bauska Town Hall interior exhibition.   

Bauska Town Hall

+371 63923797

  07.09. at 12.00 and 15.00


Excursion to "Bauskas alus" brewery

During excursion possible to view the brewery and taste  production of “Bauskas alus". Excursion is in Latvian. It is preferable to apply in advance.

"Bauskas alus”, +37125770575


Bauska Old City Courtyard Festivity and The Porridge Festival


Diverse activities in courtyards of Bauska Old City- music, attractions, competitions.  Within the Porridge festival, in several courtyards will be opportunity to taste different porridges, made by local hostesses.


Bauska Culture House



Harvest Festival in

Open Air Museum „Auseklu dzirnavas”

Annual event with demonstration of autumn work in farmstead. Craft market, performances, opportunity to participate in activities.

Ausekļu dzirnavas”



Movie evening in Bauska castle

Information about the event will be specified

Bauska Castle

+37163923793, +371 63922280



Major and Traditional Events in Bauska, Iecava, Rundāle and Vecumnieki Municipalities 2019