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In 2018 started working Bārbele Boys Primary School "Roots and Wings" ("Saknes un spārni")  - the only boys' school in Latvia, where education is based on the Montessori pedagogical principles, one day a week in the presence of fathers. The school has two interests - aviation and ornithology.

Bārbeles pamatskola, Bārbeles pag., Vecumnieku nov., LV-3905
+371 29264639
+371 25920081
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Excursion NECESSARILY be ordered in advance!


Excursion per person, if a guide service is used:
Adults - 2.00 Euro
children up to 7 yrs - Free
for children 7-18g.v. - 1.50 Euro
Family ticket (2 parents + 2 and more children) - 6.00 euro.
If you wish to walk through the area around the school without a guide narration - free.

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