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Holiday home "Dole" is located in Code parish, 10 km from Bauska and 15 km from Iecava, in a nice, quiet place and offers:


Banquet hall (up to 70 people) for various events, including weddings, birthday parties, as well as seminars.

Acommodation is also available.

We also offer night houses if you only need to spend the night, for example, for a team of builders who have the object nearby. Price - 6 euros per person per night.

Three separate bedrooms: one double, the other nine, and the third - a student end or a room with mattresses.

There is also a romantic cottage for two people (with toilet and shower inside). The price of the house is 40 euros per day.

The offer includes a sauna, where you can warm up and bathe. Price - 40 euros.

You can relax in the hot tub. Price - 60 euros.

If necessary, we offer cooperation with florists and caterers.


Codes pag., Bauskas nov. LV-3910
+371 29451809
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