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Saunas, banquet halls, SPA


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*More information!
   Address     Mežotnes pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3918
   Phone     +371 29475007
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     15,00+3,00/pers.
   Offer     Accommodation.
   Places     10
   Price LVL     15,00+3,00/person
   Price EUR     21,34 +4,27/person

Banquet hall, sauna "VI un KA"
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   Address     Mēmeles 1f, Bauska, Bauskas nov.
   Phone     +371 29174548
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     40,00-80,00
   Offer     Banquet Hall (40cilv.), Bathhouse (30cilv.), banquet table setting.
   Places     30/40
   Price LVL     40,00-80,00
   Price EUR     56,91 - 113,83

*More information!
   Address     Vecsaules pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3932
   Phone     +371 26539925
   E-mail, www
   Offer     Bath house, rooms for celebration, outdoor tub, pond
   Places     15 - 40
   Price LVL     4.22/pers., min. 50.00
   Price EUR     6.00/pers., min. 71.14

*More information!
   Address     Ceraukstes pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3908
   Phone     +371 63926225; +371 26778868
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     60,00-80,00/vakars
   Offer     Accommodation.
   Places     20
   Price LVL     60,00-80,00 per night
   Price EUR     85,37 - 113,83 per night

*More information!
   Address     Īslīces pag., Bauskas nov., LV- 3913
   Phone     +371 26311695
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     7,00/st.
   Offer     Accomodation, banquet rooms.
   Places     10-15
   Price LVL     7,00/h
   Price EUR     9,96/h

Guest house Bērzkalni
*More information!
   Address     Bērzkalni 11a, Īslīces pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3901
   Phone     +371 63926888
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     15 € /st.
   Offer     Accommodatin, cafe, banquets, seminars, swimming pool.
  Number of rooms     34
   Price LVL     10,54 Ls/h
   Price EUR     15 € /h

Mežotne Palace
*More information!
   Address     Mežotne, Bauskas nov., LV-3918
   Phone     +371 63960711
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     15,00/st.
   Offer     Accommodation, restaurant, banquets, seminars.
   Places     10
   Price LVL     15,00/h
   Price EUR     21,34/h

*More information!
   Address     Codes pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3901
   Phone     +371 29882122
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     7,00/stundā
   Offer     Accommodation.
   Places     15
   Price LVL     7,00/h
   Price EUR     9.96/h

*More information!
   Address     Pārupes iela 15,Bauska, LV-3901
   Phone     +371 29121436
   E-mail, www /
   Admission fee LVL     7,00/st
   Places     8
   Price LVL     7,00/h
   Price EUR     9,96/h

Rasa SPA
*More information!
   Address     Jaunceriņi, Brunavas pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3912
   Phone     +371 29337405
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     10Ls stundā min. 30 Ls
   Offer     Bathhouse attendant services, particular bathhouse rituals, massage, SPA and aroma procedures, special offers for couples.
   Places     5-10
   Price LVL     10ls/h, minimum 3h
   Price EUR     14,23h, min. 3h


More information.
   Address     Ādžūni, Īslīces pag., Bauskas nov., LV-3914
   Phone     +371 27844457, 63946522
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     40,00/vakars
   Offer     Russian bath, banquet hall, catering, tent site.
   Places     10
   Price LVL     40,00 per night
   Price EUR     56,91 per night


More information.

*More information!
   Address     Iecavas novads, "Pikolas"
   Phone     +371 29121110,+371 29170107
   E-mail, www     pircmaja@inbox
   Places     30
   Price LVL    
   Price EUR    

*More information!
   Address     Saulgoži,p.n.Dzimtmisa,Iecavas nov.,LV-3911
   Phone     +371 63928033
   Open     00:00-24:00
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     10,00/st
   Offer     Accommodation, restaurant, banquet room, sauna, tent site, parking place for motorhomes (campers).
   Places     20
   Price LVL     10,00/h
   Price EUR     14,23/ h

Guest house Iecupes
*More information!
   Address     Iecavas nov.
   Phone     +371 26764637, 26822144
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     400,00/diennakts
   Offer     Guest house for banquet organization (up to 100people), 5 rooms (25 beds + 75)
   Places     100
   Price LVL     400,00 /24h
   Price EUR     569,15/24h

*More information!
   Address     Robežiela 40, Iecava, LV-3913
   Phone     +371 29225808; 26171109
   E-mail, www
   Offer     Russian bath, accommodation (up to 10people), gazebo with fireplacepond, outdoor tub, function rooms.
   Places     40

*More information!
   Address     Dzimtmisa, Iecavas nov.
   Phone     +371 22022053
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     6,00 stunda
   Offer     Bathhouse, activities, pond, volleyball ground, streetball. In winter- ice hockey field, ice skating.
   Places     30 viesiem
   Price LVL     6,00/h
   Price EUR     8,54 /h


More information.

Baltā māja
*More information!
   Address     Pilsrundāle, Rundāles pag., Rundāles nov., LV-3921
   Phone     +371 29121374, +371 63962140
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     20,00+1,00/pers.
   Offer     Cafe, accommodation.
   Places     40
   Price LVL     10,00+1,00/person
   Price EUR     14,23 + 1,42/person

*More information!
   Address     Rundāles pag., Rundāles novads
   Phone     +371 29252144
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     10,00-15,00/st; 120,00/diennaksts
   Offer     Bathhouse, hydromassage swimming pool, 2 banquet rooms.
   Price LVL     10,00- 15,00/h; 120,00 /24h
   Price EUR     14,23 - 21,34/h.; 170,74/24h


More information.

*More information!
   Address     Skaistkalne, Vecumnieku nov., LV-3924
   Phone     +371 25992843
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     10,00+2,00/pers.
   Offer     Accommodation, campo boat rental.
   Places     10
   Price LVL     10,00+2,00/person
   Price EUR     14,23 + 2,85/person

*More information!
   Address     Vecumnieki, Vecumnieku novads
   Phone     +371 29468514
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     no 100,00/māja
   Offer     Banquet room (up to 50 room), music centre, TV and karaoke, latvian bathhouse, shower, pond. Kitchen (with all dishes, fridge, cooker, dishwasher. On 2nd floor bedrooms with separate entrances. Grill house with fireplace and table. Outdoor fireplace, swing, tent site.
   Price LVL     from 100,00/house
   Price EUR     from 142,29/ house

*More information!
   Address     Vecumnieku pag., Vecumnieku nov., LV-3933
   Phone     +371 29481355
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     130.00 / diennakts
   Places     40
   Price LVL     130.00 day
   Price EUR     184.97 day

*More information!
   Address     Bārbeles pag., Vecumnieku nov., LV-3905
   Phone     +371 29463477
   E-mail, www
   Admission fee LVL     10,00/pers.
   Offer     Travertine processing workshop, accommodation, tent site, seminar rooms.
   Places     10
   Price LVL     10,00/person
   Price EUR     14,23/person

Viesturu muiža

More information.
   Address     Vecumnieku pagasts, Vecumnieku novads,LV–3933
   Phone     +371 29211994
   E-mail, www
   Offer     Bathhouse (up to 80 people).

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